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Current Planetary Positions
August 28, 2016
10:18 pm GMT
Tropical Zodiac

Sun: 06 Virgo 01
Moon: 24 Cancer 30
Mercury: 28 Virgo 57
Venus: 28 Virgo 35
Mars: 12 Sagittarius 15
Jupiter: 27 Virgo 34
Saturn: 09 Sagittarius 58
Uranus: 24 Aries 09 Rx
Neptune: 10 Pisces 45 Rx
Pluto: 15 Capricorn 07 Rx

Fire: 3
Earth: 5
Air: 0
Water: 2

Cardinal: 3
Fixed: 0
Mutable: 7

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CurrentPlanetaryPositions.com provides current solar, lunar, and planetary positions and calculations for astrology and horoscopes. Calculate the astrological positions of the Sun, the Moon, and the planets in the tropical zodiac or the sidereal zodiac.

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