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Current Planetary Positions
April 22, 2024
10:29 pm GMT
Tropical Zodiac

Sun: 03 Taurus 16
Moon: 21 Libra 32
Mercury: 16 Aries 16 Rx
Venus: 21 Aries 56
Mars: 24 Pisces 03
Jupiter: 22 Taurus 15
Saturn: 15 Pisces 54
Uranus: 21 Taurus 56
Neptune: 28 Pisces 41
Pluto: 02 Aquarius 05
Fire: 2
Earth: 3
Air: 2
Water: 3
Cardinal: 3
Fixed: 4
Mutable: 3 provides the current positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets for those who are involved in astrology and horoscopes. In addition, we provide the current phase of the Moon, as well as the name of the Moon phase, the exact angle in the zodiac between the Moon and the Sun, and the astrological aspect (if any) which the phase of the Moon is making at that time.
With our custom planetary position calculator, you can calculate the positions of the planets in the signs of the zodiac for any date and time. You can calculate the planets' positions in the tropical zodiac or in any of three sidereal zodiacs. You can also calculate the positions of the Moon's nodes and several of the asteroids/minor planets.
We hope you enjoy learning about the planets, as well as calculating the positions of the planets for astrology at our website. Please also check out our sister site,, for even more information about the zodiac, the planets, and astrology in general, as well as an astrological ephemeris calculator, which provides you with the zodiac positions of the planets for a month at a time.

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